The Center for Fusion Plasma Diagnostics & Steady-State Operation
The CFPDSSO is a leading research group in research of the steady state tokamak plasma physics via advanced imaging diagnostics. Main focus on physics topics are MHD instabilities, transport physics based on microturbulence, wave studies and current drive systems which are essential for steady state operation of the tokamak devices such as KSTAR. Current efforts on advanced diagnostic area are on operation of the Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging system on KSTAR and develpment of 2-D Microwave Imaging Reflectometry. Developing physics basis for currrent drive system and corresponding hardwares (ECH launcher and LHCD antenna).
  • KSTAR 4th Operation Campain Jun. 8 ~ Oc. 13, 2011
  • LAPD 15 hosted by CFPDSSO ended successfully in Oct. 2011.

Center for Fusion Plasma Diagnostic & Steady-State Operation
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